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Las mejores tunicas!



 Brindar a nuestro público un espacio donde se sientan
identificados, ofreciéndoles productos de calidad que los


Ser la marca líder en Argentina de productos de la
cultura pop teniendo presencia en las principales
ciudades del país.

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Our history

The Raven House was born in 2015, when faced with a need to work, we decided to start an enterprise of sagas and movies products, taking them to sell to thematic events held in the city of Buenos Aires. Over time we grew little by little and expanding into new markets such as social networks, website and shipments within the country.

In 2017 we decided to focus on products from the Harry Potter saga since we wanted to know well the product we were selling and to be able to offer a wider range of options, and events were always our greatest point of sale.

During the events of 2020 and the cancellation of all events we had to reorganize and bet everything on the online platforms. Thanks to incredible people who helped us spread our products, we increased our followers on social networks by 70% and received inquiries from countries on all continents.

As of February 2021 we begin to offer international shipments so that our products reach more parts of the world.


Contact us

Instagram: @theravenhousearg
Tik Tok: @theravenhousearg

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